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West Coast Warehousing and Transportation

KHE has two locations strategically located within the overweight corridor that just miles away from the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach which is one of the busiest ports of United States.  We have been fast growing to adapt such frustrated and congestion in order to present the best and qualified logistics services. 

We provide container drayage for imports and exports, warehousing and domestic delivery services in West Coast area. We are here to provide flexible, reliable, and economical third party logistics solutions. 

Advantage of KHE 3PL West Coast service:

  • Port services. we provide fast, reliable container drayage services from the Port of L.A. and Long Beach, delivering direct to you or your customers, or returning goods to our warehouse for final distribution. 

  • Integrate logistics services. combine KHE Technology warehousing services with our last mile delivery services on KHE’s fleet of dry van and trucks. 

  • Add flexibility. KHE’s warehouse let you store goods near or right next to the port. KHE can also service you from Alameda warehouse, Compton CA.

Looking for integrated logistics services from the West Cost?
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