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About Us


Welcome to Kair Harbor Express LLC. (KHE)

Kair Harbor Express LLC(KHE) is a fast-growing third-party logistics company. KHE has diligently worked to earn a reputation on taking care of our customers, and many of them have been with us the first day we started the business. It’s our honor that our customers believe in us and empower KHE to expand and prosper. 


With years of experience in logistics, our founder Peter Wu established Kair Harbor Express LLC in 2014 near the Port of Long Beach, California. 

Kair Harbor CARES. The spirit influences and guides our associates, every associate embodies the exemplary quality of an outstanding associate: passion, integrity, and care of our clients. 


Why Us?

Fast growing with diversified team. KHE has Kair Harbor Transport (KHT) transportation team and Pacific OOG & Project Trans Inc. team, together we can fulfil your every needs.  

Deep market understanding. We understand the differences of Imports and Exports logistics, so we have different strategies to better assist you. 

Integrated logistics solution for West Coast importers/exporters. Our single-source logistics services include container drayage, warehousing, and domestic delivery. 

How We Do

Customer Orientated.  Each customer has their own precedence, and it’s our job to understand what means most to you. Once we are aligned, KHE builds solutions to deliver that value, from the most basic to advanced.

Customer Assistance. We are of use to our customers to track, follow and monitor the status of containers and shipments.

Customer Satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our priority.  Identifying concerns early and addressing them immediately. 

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Quality Control

Quality control is no doubt to be one of the hardest steps in warehousing and driving many customers’ attention. We combine the training program, technology and customer involvement in every step. 

Clear Instruction

Customers are involved in every step to clarify the instructions and pursue the operations correctly. 


We inspect and update our customers once we receive the cargo. 


The service and price are all informed ahead. Invoice will be sent with support documents. 


Staff is trained regularly to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. Staffs comply the operation standard to protect the products from any potential damage. 

Monthly performance review

KHE performs monthly review of all staffs’ operation to ensure the service quality. 



Our approach to technology is about precision and reliability from our warehouse management systems. Our systems include:

Warehouse Management. 

KHE uses 3PL Central as our Warehouse Management System (WMS), a complete system for accurate, paperless processing. 

Transportation Management. 

KHE uses Fleet Locate and Compcare to manage transportation operations. These tools help us to trace real time chassis location and provide detailed transport information.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 

KHE works with 3PL Central development specialists to help addressing your specific needs and provide custom solutions. 

Real-time Report. 

KHE uses 3PL Central Report system to deliver real-time reports related to orders and inventories that are available in PDF and Excel formats. 

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